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closed 1616349 Max-P-S

Hello there,

Isn't very much of the tagging here incorrect? So much of what is tagged "name" should rather be tagged "description", in my opinion.

I mean, is "Electrical Warehouse - (CMO Beer and Soda)" the official proper name of the building, or isn't it rather just a description of the place and its use? There are many, many many more examples around here at the McMurdo base.

closed 2493345 Max-P-S

Svaneskolan är ju riven inte sant?

closed 941242 Max-P-S

"(CLOSED)" is not the name, is it? Then the "closed" part should be in description, not name, I suppose?

closed 765667 Max-P-S

As far as I know this road is not closed?

Naskolko ya znaju, eto dorogu ne zakrito?

closed 1042491 Max-P-S

I think this should all be tagged as canal and not basin, no?

open 889519 Max-P-S

Na skolko ya znaju, malyy begichev ostrov nakhoditsya v krasnoyarskom kraie?

open 520413 Max-P-S

Pochemu zdes takoi tag "Dam" voobshe? Ya ne uveren shto pravilno.

Why is there a"Dam" tag like this here? STrange.

closed 508411 Max-P-S

Someone needs to map the new lock here

closed 1268606 Max-P-S

"Lighthouse" dlya morskaya navigatsia, na verno nuzhen drugoi tag?

closed 1254544 Max-P-S

This is no longer a military area, is it?

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