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February 03, 2020

Matthew Piell is a devoted philanthropist who passionately supports charitable organizations, nonprofits, and community-focused initiatives. The Alabama-born individual firmly believes in the power of volunteerism and actively seeks volunteering opportunities in his hometown of Trussville, AL, and nearby areas. Aside from his charitable involvements, Matthew is also an accomplished manufacturing company executive chairman. When not working, he indulges in his interests, such as music, cinema, and travel. Piell attended Southeastern Bible College of Alabama, which is located in Birmingham. Since then, the school has closed due to financial difficulties. Nonetheless, its 22-acre campus was a notable feature of Birmingham’s suburbs for many years. The Organization for Biblical Higher Education has accredited Southern Bible College in Alabama.

Associate’s and bachelor’s degrees were available from Southeastern Bible College. Like Piell, many of the school’s graduates have held distinguished positions for well-known public and private businesses. Others, such as senior pastors, instructors, and counsellors, still hold diverse ministry positions worldwide. He has travelled extensively globally, with Europe and Asia being his favourite destinations. Paris, the capital of France, holds a special place in his heart, along with Szentendre in Hungary and Prague in the Czech Republic. Piell values his relationships with his loved ones and regularly spends time with them. He resides in Trussville, a popular city in Jefferson and St. Clair counties and a suburb of Birmingham.