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closed 3290604 submitted note from a business:
name: Roof Restoration South Adelaide
phone: (08) 8423 3211
twitter: rooferAdelaide
hours: Mon to Fri 7:00 - 5:00, Sat 8:00 - 12:00
category: Roof Decks
address: 2 Jackson Court

12 days ago 12 days ago
open 3281314 Matthew Darwin

new cycletrack

18 days ago 18 days ago
open 3281312 Matthew Darwin

Building is contructed now.

18 days ago 18 days ago
closed 1741204 Matthew Darwin

City has marked the road as under construction (was proposed). Updated accordingly. Probably also building at 1003 PoW is demolished? Need survey.

over 3 years ago 18 days ago
open 2720020

Bridge closed.

about 1 year ago about 2 months ago
closed 1642959 Matthew Darwin

Need survey here. City of Ottawa data says roads here under construction as of 2019-01-07

over 3 years ago 4 months ago
closed 2999567 Matthew Darwin

building demolished

7 months ago 7 months ago
closed 2800689 Matthew Darwin

Palladium Drive will be closed between the Automall and the Queensway from August 23 to September 23, for construction of a new roundabout for the future Robert Grant Avenue. Detour signage will be in place and local businesses will receive a formal notification next week.

(From Councillor Gower newsletter - Aug 12)

12 months ago 10 months ago
closed 2721842

Does not exist and never has existed.

about 1 year ago 11 months ago
closed 2843461 Matthew Darwin

Check stop signs

11 months ago 11 months ago

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