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There is a brand new development in this old farm land that has several new roads and homes.

closed 1435302 MasterOfKittens

Willow Pond Park

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Red Pine Trailhead

closed 69847

bounds: (43.5927,-116.355 - 43.5787,-116.3134)
Map is missing data here. Missing entire subdivision/streets

closed 94455

Temple is marked twice - once as "Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple" and once simply as "LDS Temple".

closed 94453

Lots (all?) of the ways here are tagged as "Indigo Sky Way" for some reason. Can't be right.

closed 94454

These footways are not "Indigo Sky Way"

closed 95853

Roman Gardens

closed 102594 Jaime Cartes

This intersection is a roundabout now.

closed 81214 MasterOfKittens

188th now continues all the way north to Union Hill Road. Need GPS trace or updated imagery to add it.

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