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Mapper since:
May 24, 2008
Last map edit:
May 01, 2022

I am living in Berlin, Germany. My main interest regarding OpenStreetMap is related with meta data, especially house numbers and zip codes.

I try to keep the following areas up-to-date and complete due to a personal relationship with these areas: - parts of Schöneberg and Charlottenburg (Berlin) - Hoppecke (Sauerland) - southern part of Pfullingen

I published various Android apps which might be useful for OpenStreetMap mappers and users: (search for ‘inViu’ on the android market)

  • inViu routes: GPX-recording, GPS-POIs, GPS-pictures, route planning etc., map with own position and with position of friends/vehicles etc.

  • inViu GPS-details: provides various GPS related data like speed, number of satellites visible, SNR etc.

  • inViu OpenCellID: used for collecting GPS positions of GSM base stations; the data collected by the contributors of this open source project is usefull for locating mobile objects with GSM modem in case GPS is not available

  • inViu traffic-counter: monitor your GSM data transmission in order to stay in the selected tariff plan

  • inViu mobile-protector: get your Android phone back in case it is stolen or lost