Mark Newnham

Mapper since: October 21, 2012


Beginning 2015 and until further notice, because of time commitments to another open-source project, I’m an inactive mapper. If you’ve come across something that I’ve done that you think is wrong, feel free to change it. I’m not on any mailing lists, nor do I review any forum posts or my inbox.

About Me

Based in Centennial, CO, I map my local area, the Suburbs west of I25 between Belleview and Arapahoe Rd.

I’m also a PHP programmer and recently I’ve been working on the PEAR module Services_openstreetmap

I work in the Utilities service industry (water/gas billing) and I do a lot of work connected with geocoding and USPS compliant addressing.

I’m also British, and a long way from home…