Mapper since:
April 26, 2018

Hi, I’m Manon, I’m part of the Missing Maps Project with CartONG since May 2018. Part of my contribution to the OSM platform is to set up collaborative mapping for small and big humanitarian and development actors. Along with my team, we organize mapathons all around France, promote OSM and OpenData, train new contributors and strengthen our volunteer team of expert contributors to ensure quality of our projects. We also encourage CartONG partners to use and contribute to OSM, such as providing training to collect field data with OSM suitable applications.

On the side, I’m also an urban planner, with international experiences working for Cooperation Agencies and NGO on technical support, conducting and monitoring local and urban development projects and programs in developing countries. OSM has been more than once a fantastic solution to the lack of geographic data. And I would very much like to conduct some research on the potential of OSM data for urban studies