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closed 3560080 MScanlon

Victoria Street between the junctions of Wilton Road and Bressenden Place now operates with a Contraflow Bus Lane

open 4086262 MScanlon

NHS Vaccination Centre is now closed

open 4086261 MScanlon

Zara is now closed

open 4086258 MScanlon

Park and Ride and Car Park are now closed

closed 2351974 MScanlon

There is now a retail park here with M&S Simply Food, B&M and Sports Direct

closed 3938535 MScanlon

The ground is no longer called the Breyer Group stadium, has reverted back to Brisbane Road Stadium

open 3571593 MScanlon

New development being built, I believe the only access point will be from Cross Keys

closed 3936404 MScanlon

The Millennium Bridge will be closed from Saturday 14 October 2023 until Sunday 5 November 2023, is there a way of adding a temporary block on OSM to prevent planning tools that use OSM for routing users this way?

closed 3808790 MScanlon

This is now known as the Walled Garden Pizzeria

closed 3808792 MScanlon

This is now listed as the Walled Garden Station

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