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April 17, 2021

MARVEL Strike Force Online Free


The list below comprises the Ironman Hero, which necessitates 5 stars and 3-10 shards to be unlocked. Captain America takes 3 celebrities and 100 shards. Hulk requires 4 stars and 180 shards. Crossbones Villain Character requires two stars 4 5 shards. Nobu requires 3 stars 100 shards. Winter Soldier takes 2 stars 45 shards. Hand Assassin Minion Character takes 1 star 15 shards. Hydra Armored Guard requires 1 celebrity 15 shards. It is a turn-based plan and you also need to gather the Marvel superheroes or villains or even a mix of both of them. The intention is to gather five of them. Once done you need to pit them against the other player’s team.

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