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closed 2711857 submitted note from a business:
name: TUZLAK Obrt za proizvodnju namještaja i stolarije
phone: 037 538 204
hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00 to 16:00
category: Furniture / Home Stores, Furniture Stores
address: Ćoralići 118

closed 522403 Lutalica_1974

Davis Station

closed 835722


closed 4331


closed 2005665

"Mittelpunktschule" schreibt sich wohl mit Doppel-t.

open 1963412 michalfabik

Dodati naziv na lokalnom jeziku, ako ga ima.

closed 1956296 LeoLox

Telepizza heißt der Laden jetzt. Bitte auch Telefon, Öffnungszeiten etc. überprüfen

via StreetComplete 14.1

closed 1306353 ambraspace

Aconda Cafe Bar

closed 1470938 Prenociste Sana

Prenociste Sana

closed 1113587 Balaïtous

misplaced. it is about 900 m in direction of kljuc. not real camping but place where you are allowed to put tent. there is a little bar.

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