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closed 4003131

Civico 34

closed 3529531

Questa é "Via Giovan Battista Benzoni"

closed 3995530 Mateusz Konieczny


shop=frozen ? What is the meaning of that shop value? What kind of services or products are sold here? Is anything from fitting? Maybe new value needs to be invented? Maybe this data is wrong and there is no shop here? Maybe it is not a shop but something else?

(if anyone wants I can provide list of weird shop values in some country/area - let me know if you are interested)

closed 3334726 Marco M

Pubblica Assistenza Croce Verde

via StreetComplete 40.2

closed 3512805 asdf editor

"bagno di esselunga"
OSM snapshot date: 2022-12-16T15:17:23Z
POI has no name
POI types: amenity-toilets

closed 3932782

Antenna cellulari

closed 3888112

idrante sottosuolo

closed 3888113

idrante sottosuolo

closed 2776428 MismografoCenatese

Qui c'è una chiesetta addossata alla roccia di cui non conosco il nome ma ci son passato alcune volte.
Qualche mapper locale può fare una survey o aggiungere dettagli?

closed 3332787 Dellerba Fabio

Via Giuseppe Mazzini 36A

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