Mapper since:
November 04, 2022

I am a recent return to the Flathead Valley in Montana. After being away for several years, coming back and mapping my hometown area using OpenStreetMap (OSM) helps me rediscover what has changed since I moved away. Creating a complete and usable map that can be used for navigation of all types - including driving directions, speed limits, biking, pedestrian, and any other features I can accurately and clearly map - is important to me. As an active mapper, I prefer to contribute data using the JOSM editor application. However, I am also open to using other tools if necessary.

Mapping Interests/Focus Areas:

My primary focus areas include mapping roads, trails, bike lanes, sidewalks, walking paths, landmarks, points of interest, businesses, and address information. Additionally, I am interested in contributing data on road signs, traffic lights, roundabouts, and other roadway elements.