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closed 3301078 Lt_Grillwurst

Missing (public) stairs down to the beach

via StreetComplete 45.1

closed 2300975 Leif Lodahl

Naturlig kilde på stranden

closed 1690957 Naturbeundrer

POI has no name
POI types: building-address
OSM data version: 2019-01-13T09:03:02Z

closed 1709626


closed 1407232


closed 1250436 Leif Lodahl

Her er mange små skovstykker som mangler at blive tegnet.

closed 926042 Leif Lodahl

Mangler landuse (skov og hede)

closed 1284341 Leif Lodahl

There is a restaurant here!

closed 1275203 Leif Lodahl

Track blocked by gate here

closed 1284342 Leif Lodahl

The path is blocked by a fence here.

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