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The Java XAPI

sorry, I do not like to register there!

The Java XAPI

Examples for Bugs with relations.

JXAPI !causes a browser crash!:,52.4,9.7,52.5%5D%5Btype=restriction%5D
or delivers noting:*%5Bbbox=9.6,52.4,9.7,52.5%5D%5Btype=restriction%5D

XAPI Request:,52.4,9.7,52.5%5D%5Btype=restriction%5D
also in this way:*%5Bbbox=9.6,52.4,9.7,52.5%5D%5Btype=restriction%5D

XC Ski Trail Map

> So is it possible to render differently depending on locale?
Not yet, but I think I insert an option-box to choose.

> For hillshading of any OSM-style map, you can use the hillshading tiles of also the flat hikebike layer if you want)

Oh thanks. I did not notice this map before. very nice. This is the right style. I have to try out if one can differentiate between the renderd cycleways and the overlayed trails.

Are you the author of this map?

XC Ski Trail Map

Yes, there are different colors in use in europe, japan and america.

K 8561

Mach du die Bemerkung mal bei htto://

B311 - Mengen

Wieso geht es nicht? Geht doch:
u drücken, die entsprechende rote Linie wählen und dann mit der Maus auf das kleine Schloss unten links zu freigeben klicken.

Edit Option and time to wait

o.k. the problem exisits only when I use this "" without www!

Edit Option and time to wait

you can try this:

The tracks are also not show on the map using the map option. But here it centers to the starting point.

Edit Option and time to wait

realy every track!

The map centers here:

Traces Upload Limit

The tracks of Romania are only Spam, there is no usefull information in it.
I agree: admins please do something against spamming.