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The Maps Team at Facebook is excited to announce RapiD Editor Partner Testing almost 3 years ago

RapiD is an amazing tool. It has helped us add missing roads throughout different states in Mexico. We have found RapiD to be eight times faster than manually drawing in missing geometry. Each road created by the AI is verified and added by an editor. As editors correct the AI roads, the AI is becoming more accurate as it learns from the editors. We are able to use this tool to improve the data being added to OSM and to map communities often overlooked. There are many areas of new growth and development in the states we are working through. RapiD gives us the ability to quickly and accurately add in large, new communities. The AI also draws in roads that would have easily been overlooked by an editor. It has proven to be very effective and allows our workflow to be far more efficient. The issues that we originally found with this tool- such as the snapping issue with roads - seems to have been addressed and now happens very rarely. The new “Issues” feature in RapiD catches these issues for the editor to fix when it does happen. Unlike in JOSM where the validator is only run after hitting the “validate” button, RapiD is always running the validator, allowing the editor to continuously fix issues created. The Facebook team has been extremely responsive with any issue we have brought to them and has quickly resolved them. We are really impressed with the AI and really appreciate this tool!