Mapper since:
February 10, 2022

Kyle has worked with clients in a number of different real estate situations. This category includes residential counseling, development land, investment properties, residential development and value, multi-family properties, and recreational properties. He has also assisted others with relocation during his career. He also enjoys keeping up with the local construction industry and providing guidance to individuals who work in it.

Kyle Kerr also has a strong economic focus, supporting his clients in making educated decisions over time in response to changing economic conditions and development needs. He also aims to play a key role in the local community with his knowledge and insights into the real estate market. In addition, he is committed to giving back to the community.

Kyle Kerr is well-known in the Victoria area for his ability to assist consumers and investors in buying and selling real estate. His dedication to helping others and professionalism are two other attributes that shine through in his accomplishments.

Personal Narratives

Kyle Kerr was born in Nanaimo and raised in the Okanagan Valley. He has lived in Victoria for the past 16 years. He earned his Realtor license after completing all of the requisite academic and marketing classes at Camosun College. Since then, he has worked diligently to complete all of his educational requirements as a real estate agent, as well as completing additional education programs to expand his knowledge of the industry.

He has also worked in sales and marketing in the construction and industrial supply businesses. He worked in various industries in a variety of positions during his early career.