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February 24, 2022

The area around Houston, Texas is rapidly expanding, and many local businesses want dependable cleaning services in order to make a favorable impression on their employees, business partners, and clients. Kunal Puri Houston has created a name for himself in the medical cleaning and environmental services industry. Kunal Puri Texas is the owner of one of the region’s most well-known janitorial service firms, delivering excellent cleaning services to a wide range of organizations in a number of sectors. Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services has become one of the industry’s gold standards by always putting the needs of the customer first, ensuring that every client’s demands are addressed.

Kunal Puri relocated to Texas from India in hopes of a better life for himself and his family. He was constantly focused on serving his clients, even though he realized he needed to find a better method to support his family. He felt he had a specialized set of abilities that may be useful to others in the local Texas region, so he decided to start Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services. When Kunal Puri Houston examined the market, he realized there had to be a better method to deliver cleaning services. He changed the game, surrounded himself with the proper people, and built his business on the values of honesty and openness.

He’s also employed industry professionals to head Ultra Medical in offering services to hospitals, surgical centers, and mobile offices. His new hires were given complete autonomy in taking the firm to the next level, allowing them to demonstrate their abilities. The finest move he made was hiring Marcelo Sautu and Victor Gonzalez since they were able to put together a team that helped expand the firm to where it is now. Kunal Puri Houston was able to expand Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services to a $25 million revenue firm thanks to his dedication.