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OSM garmin

Posted by Kraanc on 22 June 2010 in Latvian (Latviešu)

Downloaded yesterday OSM for my Garmin from OSM download site.
when i open it in mapsource, the woodland is shown as brown stripes, and when i uppload the map to my Garmin eTrex Summit HC, woodland gets white/green-textured in very dumb way, so that in OSM drawen small wood fields loses the point. wondering why is that???

and other thing is that this device, Garmin eTrex Summit HC, has only 22mb built in memory and no extra card slot. so to get in it bigger or more detailed map i wonder if there is way to download OSM map without routing, i guess that option could save up some space?


Posted by Kraanc on 6 June 2010 in Latvian (Latviešu)

Now i have added things im map. when i am signed in, i see the updates, but when i am not, it dont apear.
And i still havent found how to download this map dirrectly from the site for my Garmin GPS, however i found downloadable OSM maps on the net?!

first edit

Posted by Kraanc on 5 June 2010 in Latvian (Latviešu)

First time edited this map, hpoe i saved my work correct.
have been drawing maps for orientiering before, this software isn't so handy, but anyway...