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January 01, 2021
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About me

My nickname is Koreller, I’m a french contributor, I was born in 1995 and I live in Nantes. I am registered in OSM since January 1st 2021 and I started to contribute since July 2021.

Besides, I am a contributor to the Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wikidata and Commons) since 2015.

See my diaries if you’re interested in a complete thematic guide, skyscrapers, how to map a capital city, or even 3D OSM at a glimpse!


I’m mainly focusing on mapping North Korea, for which I created a contribution guide on the wiki North Korea Mapping Guide, the french language version is the most up-to-date. Recently, I started working on Ashgabat.

I also make some minor corrections in my department, but because it is well mapped, I prefer to work on mapping lesser known areas.

Why am I mapping?

Mainly for the beauty of the maps, I love making and seeing beautiful maps that are full of details and feeling the work behind the maps. Secondly, I was fed up with the fact that all sources on North Korea were systematically partial, and I saw an opportunity to create objective data that could be used by a whole range of actors, whether scientific, humanitarian, international organizations, or the simply curious.

I’m particularly interested in cities in totalitarian countries (aka Pyongyang, and now Ashgabat).

Work in progress


  • Mapping all buildings of Wonsan (North Korea)

Past work


“Keep OSM weird and fun”