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closed 240328 Kirbert

At least four different roads in the vicinity of this airport are named "Airport Road". That ain't right. Someone on the ground needs to confirm which road is named what.

closed 2375576 Kirbert

OSM shows Mercier Cemetery as being a tiny plot on *top* of Mound G right at the edge of Kolomoki SP. The topo map, however, shows Mercier Cemetery as being a large cemetery just outside the park boundary, including part of what appears to be a plowed field. Someone in the know should correct the map.

closed 2956679 Kirbert

Is it Cogdell Road, or is it Frank S Sessoms Memorial Highway?

closed 2956676 Kirbert

Which is the correct spelling of "Jessee"

closed 1395439 Kirbert

This says park, but the satellite photo shows a building. Is the park just shown in the wrong place?

open 1457831 jharpster

Looks like a newer development here not visible from other sources. Will need an on the ground survey.

closed 1983107 freebeer

this looks from aerials like it might be, or might have been, some sort of unmapped water feature.

note that i use the term `water' very loosely here. no idea what it might be in real life. the nearby lake blossom hiking trail hints it may be named, no less.

closed 619477 Kirbert

It appears Rock Mountain is in the middle of a lake. Someone needs to figure out what's going on here and fix it.

closed 2865182

There are several new streets in this subdivision called Latitudes Margaritaville in Daytona Beach that are not on this map.

closed 3008836 zluuzki

new housing sub, add roads

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