Joseph R P

Mapper since:
March 26, 2020

My name is Joseph. I’m a college-student mapper in Woodbridge, Virginia. I’ve also lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for a long time and am quite familiar with the places surrounding both states.

A lot of my work on OSM is highway-related, having been the writer of the Virginia state highway classification page on the OSM Wiki, but I also work on mapping natural areas and landuse in Northern Virginia, micromapping the neighborhood I live in, and focusing on mapping vital features for the map such as footpaths and cycleways, businesses, and newly-constructed features throughout Virginia and often times Nevada. Occasionally I will map random hamlets out-of-state or work on various things in Las Vegas. A lot of the out-of-state things I work on are things that I stumbled across while exploring on the slippy map that I thought could use some detailing or fixing, or places that I went to in person.

In massive edits, I will occasionally forget a thing or two or make a mistake. If I do, please let me know and I can guarantee you it was unintentional.