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Joseph R P

Mapper since:
March 26, 2020
Last map edit:
June 17, 2024

My name is Joseph. I’m interested in and very knowledgeable of geography, highways, and cars. I am from Woodbridge, Virginia and have also lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for a long time and am quite familiar with the places surrounding both states as a heavy traveler.

My primary focuses on OSM are:

  • Working on highway classification around the US, especially in places that I have lived or am very familiar with such as Virginia, Nevada, Utah, DC, Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, Florida, and Maine

  • Working on place classification, adding previously uncharted unincorporated communities and census-designated places or adding population and Wikipedia/Wikidata tags to existing ones, as well as updating places tagged as hamlets from the GNIS import to localities, villages, neighborhoods, quarters, and suburbs when applicable

  • Updating construction projects which appear as under construction or recently completed on the map by researching site plans, mostly focusing on highway projects or newly-built residential streets

  • Mapping various footways and cycleways, mostly along major road corridors

  • Adding businesses, mostly those in strip malls, downtowns of smaller cities and towns, and at rural highway crossroads

  • Detailing downtown areas of small cities, which involves a lot of the previous two focuses

The majority of edits I make surrounding proposed/under-construction/recently-completed projects in Virginia and Nevada are sourced by plat maps if not news articles or site plans. Below are the two I use the most. Given that their imagery is more recent than that provided by OSM, they really come in handy!

  • PWC County Mapper (Prince William County, Virginia) (imagery updated every 2 years around winter)
  • OpenWeb (Clark County, Nevada) (imagery updated every 4-6 months)

For a more frequently-updated source, albeit a lower-resolution one, I use the Sentinel Hub EO Browser for pretty much everything else in everywhere else that requires new imagery to update.

For other road information in Virginia, I use the VDOT LRS Route Master.

For populated place information around the US, I use the TIGERWeb Decennial map and this 2020 US CDP map.

In massive edits, I will occasionally forget a thing or two or make a mistake. If I do, please let me know and I can guarantee you it was unintentional.

Virginia state highway classification page, started and primarily contributed to by me