Jorieke V

Mapper since: December 02, 2010

With my background in social and educational studies I am a little bit an exception in the OpenStreetMap world, but nevertheless a huge enthusiast! I got to know OpenStreetMap in 2010 and got really interested in it after I discovered the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.

As a "good, critical student" at that time, I was questioning the mapping in humanitarian and development contexts. So I decided to focus the dissertation of my master in Conflict and Development on the power of maps in slum contexts. I went to Bangladesh to interview a lot of slum dwellers and I also met with the local OpenStreetMap community. Conclusion of my research: mapping can be a great tool, especially if the local community has the ownership over the map. And… isn't it this what OpenStreetMap can offer?

Since then, I spent lots of my time empowering and supporting local OpenStreetMap communities everywhere in the world. I worked on several projects accross Africa, Europe and Asia to map, promote and train local and international actors on OpenStreetMap.

Currently I'm working as Missing Maps coordinator for MSF.