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GPS's are killing people in the desert. almost 12 years ago

Lake Shore Drive almost 12 years ago

90 km/hr = 56 mi/hr

Is this for real? White spots on the GPS coverage almost 12 years ago

Yes it's for real, the FCC allowed lightsquared to potentially operate in adjacent bands to GPS at power levels that would potentially wipe out any GPS signal, however GPS groups have been, rightly, kicking up a stink about this development trying to force the FCC into backing down.

Mind you the FCC kind of did this at the behest of the whitehouse who wanted more spectrum allocated for broadband.

merging two data sources in osmosis almost 12 years ago

if you created the osm files from shape files you might do better merging the shapefiles and then using something like ogr2osm, although ogr2osm doesn't handle multipolygons very well or at all.

Need help understanding all of this almost 12 years ago

Trekbuddy only uses offline maps, you will need to use some kind of atlas builder to build map packs.

ODBL in the real world... almost 12 years ago

robert for the longest time I was actually for the new license, it was the CT I was against, but it was people like your good self that encouraged me to look at the license and guess what, it turned out just as much of a poison pill as the CT.

ODBL in the real world... almost 12 years ago

Thanks for validating my claims so succinctly, greatly appreciated...

Street just changed from two way to one way about 12 years ago

CC By-Sa alternate dataset always available on the OSM editable map? about 12 years ago

Curently mirrors all OSM data, and will continue to do so until the license changes. At which point things will end up forking.

I don't normally do this about 12 years ago

You do realise there is no nuclear related deaths as a result of the Japanese quake right?

The only 2 deaths on site were because of the earth quake.

Also there is more than just Uranium reactors, Thorium reactors have been around almost as long, but didn't interest the military factions because they don't produce plutoium as a by-product, I'm lead to believe only Indian and Russia are seriously looking into this type of reactor, where as greenies the world over are trying to put everyone back into caves where we all freeze to death in winter.

The licence change and bullying about 12 years ago

How is your whole post not an attempt to bully those holding out into agreeing, regardless if they are able to or not?

Getting accept / decline licence screen on logon today about 12 years ago

netman55 welcome to the club of concerned mappers that dislike the current debacle, however those pushing it seem to be intent to get it through at any cost, even if that means their DB ends up tainted by people unwittingly agreeing to something they can't agree to.

Guess that's it then for my Huntsville, Alabama contributions about 12 years ago

cainmark all I can say is I feel your pain, it's sad OSM-F is so intent of killing off it's community. Hopefully something much better will rise out of the ashes otherwise everyone will probably end up migrating to Google Map Maker, they offer more or less the same terms but produce much more useful apps.

Newbie getting started. over 12 years ago

There is monthly meetups in Brisbane, although due to xmas this months event wasn't even scheduled, however there should be one in January.

Rendering Route Shields from Route Relations in Mapnik over 12 years ago

I had a crack at this some time ago, plus we were able to build up a reasonable list of image files for the highway shields:

Newbie over 12 years ago

Print out a few sheets at and go out for some exercise :D

Smartphones with good GPS almost 13 years ago

If you have a phone with GPS + A-GPS from the 3G network the accuracy can be in the 2-3m range...

300.000 users come clother almost 13 years ago

Depends what you count as a contributor, is fixing a street name enough?

99% of edits have been made by approx 12,500 accounts... some people are responsible for more than one account...

refuse licence-change almost 13 years ago

CC-by-SA is only compatible with later versions or country specific versions, it is not compatible with ODBL.

As for refusing, you can't at present, I have no idea if we'll be lumped in with people that don't respond or not.

However the contributor terms exclude any kind of imports unless you are the copyright holder or have explicit permission from the copyright holder, so that rules out cc-by data, and even ODBL data!

First day on the site almost 13 years ago

Legally speaking if you recently signed up to, or agreed with the new Contributor Terms, section 3 would prevent you from touching the LINZ data just like the new contributor terms may be responsible for removing a lot of the data imported into other countries...