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March 29, 2022

John Dockendorf was born in December 1959. Dockendorf grew up near Baltimore, Maryland, but he would have a bigger effect elsewhere. After a hard education at a friend’s school, he packed his skis and proceeded to the University of Vermont.

Dockendorf began making an impression during his freshman year in college. He spent the remainder of the 1970s cramming for classes and graduated from the University of Vermont in 1981 with honors. Dockendorf, like many others seeking posts and avenues in leisure and park management, found himself an assistant professor. Dockendorf pursued graduate studies in the same profession, earning a Master of Management, Hospitality from Cornell University and a School of Hotel Administration in 1992. Dockendorf was also awarded the John E.H. Sherry Scholarship and served as student body president at Cornell in his subject.

The Hospitality and Outdoor Recreation Consultant is a big deal. 70 educators, a full-time team, and part-time support staff. The program proved adaptable, even during the 2020 and COVID shutdowns. This was due to the program’s long-standing safety reputation. In 2021, Dockendorf departed from Adventure Treks, passing the torch to his ten-year director, Dave McGlashan.

In 2011, John and Jane reopened Camp Pinnacle, in addition to Adventure Treks. Pinnacle, a legacy summer camp founded in 1928, closed in 2010. The Dockendorfs and Steve Baskin, owner of Camp Champions in Texas, spent ten years extensively remodeling Camp Pinnacle, restoring its status as one of North Carolina’s favorite summer camps. Pinnacle currently books summer campers a year ahead. After the summer of 2021, the Dockendorfs will hand up Camp Pinnacle to the Baskins and directors Fayssoux and J G Moss.

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