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closed 2802199 John Kastner

Unable to answer "What is the height of this curb?" for via StreetComplete 33.1:

tag kerb

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closed 3345969 John Kastner

A metal structure has fallen across the track at this location. Track diverts briefly around it.

via StreetComplete 46.0

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closed 3150889 John Kastner

Path continues under road through short pedestrian tunnel before connecting with sidewalk on south capitol

open 3239248 John Kastner

Unable to answer "What’s the weight limit here?" for via StreetComplete 44.1:

tag with single unit + combination unit weights

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closed 2830213

New park under construction

closed 3011941 John Kastner

The trail crosses a small creek on a wooden bridge here

closed 2886234 VitKlim

We have user's feedback that park has incorrect name and correct is Alethia Tanner Park. Could someone confirm it?

closed 2797222 John Kastner

Unable to answer "Does this pedestrian crossing have an island?" for via StreetComplete 33.1:

Answering this quest crashes street complete

open 2810146 John Kastner

Unable to answer "What is the reference number of this bus stop?" for via StreetComplete 33.1:

Bus stop has three reference numbers for three operators that use it.

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closed 948013 Skc4454

Hollywood Park is located here. Can you please add?

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