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closed 2940554 DzmitryBachkarou

Maybe someone, please check the possibility of driving in this place. The driver said that he could not drive from A30 to south on unclassified rd. #mbx_uk_editing

closed 2296345 kevjs1982

Nottingham Post reporting Blacks will be closing at the end of September 2020

closed 3974556 JayTurnr

Is there really a give way sign here? Doesn't make sense to be a give way sign here!

open 996952 SK53

Redevelopm Plan

closed 622132 SK53

Destroyed by fire 8 July 2016

closed 3880757 JayTurnr

In context of "Addresses" overlay for via StreetComplete 54.0:

This might be both 57 Woodville Road & 57 Melrose Street. The building is part of a Terrace on Woodville Road in which it would be 57, however its entrance is on Melrose Street, next to 59. There is no 51-55 Melrose Street. I love this.

closed 3880718 JayTurnr

Houses here don't touch

via StreetComplete 54.0

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closed 3971872 JayTurnr

Sainsbury's Bank cash machine

via StreetComplete 55.0

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open 3969169 JayTurnr

Nottingham Post reporting Lime Green Organic Marked at closed down

open 3948357 JayTurnr

When I visited the past weekend, cafe was on the north side of the building and the old cafe was inaccessible

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