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open 4005204 Jay May

Doesn't this quarry have a specific name? "karjeras" is very general

closed 2645315 Jay May

Пожалуйста, подъезжайте к этому месту и загрузите изображения в Mapillary. Это поможет правильно мапить. ... Назваиня улиц, костёл и церковь мне интересны

closed 1664637 Jay May

Draw roads around

open 3966123 Jay May

Please check whether this street is on the Polish or Czech side, or whether it is shared between both countries.

closed 1947738 Jay May

Please adjust this river according to the Maxar satellite view

open 3903147 Jay May

Draw all streets

closed 3619301 Jay May

Draw alleys

closed 3618956 Jay May

Draw streets

closed 3618955 Jay May

Draw streets

closed 3619315 Jay May

Draw streets

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