Jarek Piórkowski

Mapper since:
October 08, 2013

To contact me, comment on a changeset or a note I’ve created or commented on. To email, search the internet for my name to obtain email address.

User:Jarek Piórkowski is my wiki account, and I post to talk-ca mailing list under my full name.

My OSM activity is not associated with my work, except if noted otherwise in changeset message or comment. Since joining OSM I have worked for Game Hive, moovel Group, Conde Nast Britain, Simplifydigital, and Vision Critical.

To try to keep noise-to-signal ratio low, I resolve Map Notes that seem unlikely be useful. The criteria are usually a mix of lack of activity, low quality of initial report (often from anonymous or app users), or notes that users write to themselves without knowing that this then shows up on It seems unlikely to me that keeping such notes open will ever prove useful. Please feel free to message me or reopen a note directly if you disagree.

Useful links for my own reference: