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closed 641443 SK53

Didn't notice any connection to road (as now mapped) but may be worth checking if there is is access.

about 5 years ago almost 5 years ago
closed 581444 Maanya

Could someone please confirm if this is Royden park?

over 5 years ago almost 5 years ago
open 518080 James_Wirral

There is no right of way here heading NE. The route is blocked off purposely with “Private No Access”. There is no route marked via the way on british OS mapping. Up until this point there is access inside the woods but at this point the route is blocked off. I found this a few weeks ago whilst out walking as I planned my route via Garmin software via open source mapping. I raised a ticket and they suggested I signed up here to report the discrepancy. It's a shame as it stops a nice circular dog walk!

Location of Discrepancy:
Latitude: N53.35116°
Longitude: W3.07166°

over 5 years ago over 5 years ago
open 348296 SomeoneElse

Does really exist as a "natural=peak" called Poll Hill in a different place to the wood to the south also called Poll Hill?

over 6 years ago over 5 years ago

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