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March 16, 2022

Jamell Tousant’s ethics and honesty have propelled him to success as a realtor. He believes that while a realtor’s professional reputation is critical, what matters most is how a realtor feels about himself at the end of the day. Tousant upholds high ethical standards, which he attributes to the lessons instilled to him throughout his upbringing by his parents and other authorities.

Tousant feels that in real estate, honesty and principles are frequently overlooked. In 2005, he joined the National Association of REALTORS, which compels realtors to adhere to a stringent code of ethics. Those who violate the association’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice are expelled and may lose their license to practice real estate in California.

Tousant blends his unwavering honesty with hustle and tenacity to provide the greatest real estate experience possible for his clients. His strong work ethic and passion to delight customers motivate him to pursue all leads and advertise properties with the same zeal as if they were his own. Former clientele frequently express their appreciation for Tousant’s attention to detail.