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Mapping and Geoprocessing Course with QGIS (online / 100% Free

Hello, Wich language will be used ?

Detect tree species automatically with PlantNet

Great job ! Plannet is done by french enterprises. It would be cool to use the code to do machine learning and recognize tagging for OSM :)

New mobile editor: Every Door

Hello Zverik It’s very interesting. It would be really usefull if the was at least an english version to test it ;-) Regards


Bilan de mes devoirs de vacances... rendu FR, nouveaux serveurs, tests, tests !

Impressionnant non seulement il compose, il interprète mais il dirige ! Bref le Bach de la donnée OSM. MERCI

Watching and trusting users on OSMCha

Really great inspiration. I wish we could create teams and user lists.

Traffic Flow Direction Plugin - The Missing Manual

Great job. I’m still wondering if GPS application are doing calculations including stps & lights trafiic to give proposals to faster ways. I used a lot GSPnav and it seems not be working yet like this. This is for me the bigged improvement for micromapping and beter calculations.

What do you think about ?

Jean-LOuis :-)

Mapillary をOSMマッピングにオススメする10の理由 / 10 reasons why I recommend Mapillary for OSM mapping

Thanks for this nice post !

Saint-Étienne: recensement des locaux commerciaux vacants sur OpenStreetMap

Bravo Eddy,

Cette interrogation je l’ai eu dès que je me suis rendu compte de la puissance des infos historiques dans OSM. La seule chose c’est que je part du principe que mentionner qu’un local est vacant n’est pas un problème. Si les informations sont publiques je complète. Le reste … je te laisse découvrir :,382,376,374&bbox=534899.926109,5486268.67008,536173.080362,5486945.854378&zoom=17

Bonne exploration