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closed 3444999 Hukipola

Unable to answer "Are kosher products offered here?" for via StreetComplete 49.1:

ich kann diese Frage leider nicht beantworten

closed 3569509 Hukipola

bike racks here

via StreetComplete 51.0

closed 3170892 Hukipola

Unable to answer "What’s this pole made of?" for via StreetComplete 43.0:

Kein mast vorhanden

open 3146308 Hukipola

Unable to answer "What are the opening hours here?" for via StreetComplete 42.0:

Sole fashion

closed 2611786 Hukipola

Hier ist ein sehr guter türkischer Imbiss mit dem Namen saray

closed 3033990 Hukipola

Private access area

via StreetComplete 39.1

closed 3041429 Hukipola

Scrap glass container

via StreetComplete 39.1

closed 2786049 Hukipola

The "Garage Ost" is placed and it would be amazing if I could find it on osm.

closed 2535879 Hukipola

Sadly they changed the phone number. The current one is :




closed 2539083 Hukipola

The shower moved inside this building

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