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Заметки для себя.

Когда правда будет выяснина, неправильные комбинации можно добавить в Quality Assurance тулы типа Osmose, чтобы желающие их видели и чинили.

Заготовка тегов для JOSM - даты (start_date) RU_UK

building:start_date - логично, так как основывается на уже существующих тегах.

  1. opening_date - дата открытия. Английское значение никак не намекает на “ожидаемое”.
opening_hours statistics

Greetings! Looks like “opening_hours statistics” stopped updating in January 2019. Any chance of getting it back up?

Fixing opening_hours

Both comments were helpful, thank you! I especially liked Osmose based approach as it allows to scan for problem without pre-loading anything, plus it gives suggestions for some of the bad data, and finally, it lets you edit right in the web tool.

Fixing hotel internet access

Good point! I think hotels should be tagged with “internet_access:fee=customers” (last part of the query), unless they actively advertise free internet access for everyone (this seems unusual).

Bing imagery

Another semi related observation: Strava changed just in the last month to be almost unusable.

Bing imagery

Agreed, this updated imagery is super helpful… My experience in the last few months is that I have to rotate through all later - different areas will have different sources for latest / cleanest imagery.

In my wish world, it would be nice if ID and JOSM would support layer mode for auto selecting latest or cleanest later.

Summer 2017 - notes

Many thanks for informative comments!