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closed 3702774 TheUKHighStreet

Does this exist?

closed 3702773 TheUKHighStreet

Coral has closed. Has something replaced it?

closed 3702781 TheUKHighStreet

Moved to East Calder. Has something replaced it?

closed 3926728 TheUKHighStreet

This property is for sale.

open 3709642 Anon512

Newly built road

via StreetComplete 53.0

GPS Trace:

closed 2362386 DaveF

Is this recreation ground owned by the school?

closed 3166830 e3k2

small substation, tbd

closed 3759974 GinaroZ

fixme for this McColls #surveyme

closed 3725049 Hobgoblin

Unable to answer "Is this still here?" for via StreetComplete 53.1:

Change of office

Attached photo(s):

closed 3605422


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