Mapper since:
March 02, 2019

Any mappers around me, feel free to contact me to share knowledge, experience or learning from each other or even go hiking / mapping together to learn from each others techniques and methods to improve our contributions.

On Facebook you can find me under @HikeAndMap alias “George Miller” -

On Telegram you can find me under @HikeAndMap

How do I survey: Tools: OSMAnd, Vespucci, GPSLogger and OpenCamera, GPSTest, Kartaview for recording data.

I use the official GNSS data and reference points of the Assessor’s Office of Baguio for referencing objects/nodes/ways within the city of Baguio.

OSMAnd I use to record videos/photos/notes/GPX traces

OpenCamera I use for Photos

Vespucci I use for repetitive actions like adding addresses, house numbers, etc.

GPSLogger I use for recording GPX traces

I always map ONLY what I’ve seen with my own eyes, or otherwise have local knowledge, except for some past map-roulette edits, it’s for me important that I can verify all data myself personally.

I never use a single source of information, I usually use various sources to validate the information I map, but always included is the concept of:”my own eyes for verification”

Note not all data, video, photos, notes I record I upload. Sometimes I just have the phone with the recorded data next to my desktop monitor and work by using both screens instead of uploading first - depends on my mood how I wish to edit at that moment.

Additionally I may or may not do background research on the internet: - photos publicly shared by people on various platforms (the photo is copyrighted, not the physical reality on the ground visible on the photo!) - official Facebook pages of local establishments I add under contact:facebook - Facebook advisories and information shared by the local government of Baguio about the change of roads, parking areas, one-way or not, moving Public transportation stops, etc. - satellite imagery Bing exclusively - there’s sometimes on some areas aerial imagery available, especially since this is a mountainous area even photos I can make from the roads can reveal a lot of data on lower areas and their alignment of houses, roads, etc. relative to each other which helps greatly to improve map alignments (if the proper angle and distance to the visible objects is considered of course) - sometimes I use information locals give me verbal, I ask a question and their feedback is then information I either can directly add to the map

  • As per September 2023 following Executive Order 104 S 2023 - I have explicit permission from our Mayor, to use official city data for mapping - and as such I do use this data for mapping - strictly abiding to the national privacy laws and mapping conventions of course.

I NEVER use data from other maps!

Last but not the least:”I’m not perfect nor is my work, I do make mistakes. I sometimes discover myself months later I did something wrong - especially since the isn’t always up-to-date and sometimes multiple different tags/keys used for the same and sometimes I can’t find in the wiki what I’m looking for but on the OSM database I then find how someone else been doing it for years and then later I discover by coincidence on the wiki it’s obsolete and should not be used anymore - such errors happen.. Sorry for that, it’s not intentional and feel free to let me know if you find such”

Also recently I came upon a case where one wiki page said map it like that and the other said no don’t! Example landuse=institutional. I corrected that on the wiki - it’s since 2012 being discouraged to use that key/value combination.

Such errors happen, tis as it is.

I strongly oppose the concept of:”don’t let a mapper fix his own mistakes - instead just ruin whole sets of data and/or even all of his contributions.” - this is known as the “revert changeset” concept.

This is implemented by some local OSM communities and I strongly disagree from such methods. Teaching and improving should be the adopted concept, not judging and destruction.

If it’s deliberate misconduct by a mapper I can understand a tougher stance on this matter. But regular mappers who made an honest mistake - shouldn’t be punished by destroying their work - advise them and guide them to fix it instead of destruction of data.

This is “open data” after all.

Last but not least - any data especially such as boundary data from the city of Baguio, it’s the official data and I added the proper source and check_date values to every node and way. Please don’t touch this data, unless in the future these data changes at government level, and I’m not around anymore, then someone else has to update it of course.

Thank you