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13 days ago 12 days ago
open 663722 Harry Wood

It looks like this has been renamed to the more snappily titled "York Army Museum" judging by what it says here: and I guess this is the museum website What d'you reckon? Just rename it, or someone should go check?

15 days ago 15 days ago
closed 51604

Instead of the railway here is a new street, Av. João Ramos. And there has to be added some streets between the R. do Rouxinol and Av. João Ramos: Av. das Araras, R. Bem-te-vi, R. Sabiá, R. Beija-flor, R. Tucano, R. Colibri, R. das Gaivotas.
Furthermore various streets have wrong names, such as a part of R. Wenceslau Braz and the upper part of R. Bela Vista.

almost 3 years ago 17 days ago
open 78595

Proposed Leigh Guided Busway

over 2 years ago 26 days ago
closed 578387 Harry Wood

There's a new guided busway somewhere here I think:

3 months ago 26 days ago
closed 174954 Harry Wood

Bus routes/stops layout needs a big resurvey here I think. Grimsby had a major town centre re-vamp:

about 2 years ago about 1 month ago
open 463312 Harry Wood

I think this should probably be a boundary=national_park rather than a leisure=park These boundaries have funny square shapes, but this whole area could also be ... natural=scrub or something. I don't think it should be leisure=park

10 months ago about 1 month ago
open 190569

Range Road 222 - Also Named Tower Road

about 2 years ago about 1 month ago
open 624847

There's shiny new buildings north of City Rd. I took a photo: but don't remember exactly where they are. Here at this note... perhaps

Need adding. And they're tall so would be fun to get a building:levels count on them. needs survey

about 1 month ago about 1 month ago
open 624852

The tagging on this way is pretty complicated, but I *think* we're missing a oneway=yes . It's one way eastwards, but with a westward bus and cycle lane. Awkward. In fact westward two bus lanes as it comes into this junction


about 1 month ago about 1 month ago

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