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closed 4028894

South Oxfordshire and Vale coucils no longer here.
Now at Abbey House in Abingdon:

closed 3753658 TheUKHighStreet

Closed in 2020.

closed 3915483 ssam

Shared cycle and pedestrian parh

via StreetComplete 54.0

closed 4011409 jpennycook

Is there a path from here to the housing development to the south (Mitchell Way/Dalton Close)? I can see a lot of activity on Strava Heatmap.

closed 3521033 ti-lo

Is this here ? Bep0 Building, Thomson Avenue Harwell Campus, United Kingdom, OX11 0GD

closed 1795704

RAL Space R100 building

closed 2228818 Sausages

Recently constructed new building here, part of Chilton Primary School.

closed 2937808 Annabel Cochrane

This pub is now a house

closed 939041 v-na-more

Areas of properties on entire Letcombe Fields develoment (still under construction in 2017) are approximate based on ground survey. Return and amend once aerial imagery available

closed 3487168

There are some new houses.

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