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Mapping request of Norway's villages

You’ve understood the problem correctly. However, most places are not very flat, and distortion occurs almost everywhere and changes over short distances. You therefore always need gps traces in addition and knowledge about the elevation changes of the area.

OSM Server Virtual Machine Available Now.

I recommend you take a look av vagrant, as robbieonsea mentioned. It makes the whole makingn, distribution and use process a bit simpler. I made a box for running Waymarked Trails with it the other day.

If you started out with the Ubuntu server 12.04 box you’d probably manage to make it much smaller in size. It looked like you installed a lot of software not needed to serve tiles.

Vandalismo / vandalism

Please, can you provide a link to the areas/things that have been vandalised, and why it is that you think it is vandalised. It is pretty impossible to do anything if you do not provide more detail.

How to repair redacted Cadastre data?

Well if version 1 was from Cadastre and the redaction bot removed it, then I guess the redaction bot had a reason to remove the Cadastre data and that it should not be re-imported?

GPS Logger for Android recently became a very good OSM logger

I know, photo mapping is great, but I find that if I don’t get my traces onto GPS logger fast, they risk getting stuffed away, and not worked on before long, or just lost. I therefore find the auto uploading very useful. Then my traces are instantly available to both me and other mappers.

GPS Logger is also very good to recommend to others for the same reason and it is very easy to use. Only problem is that giving the authorisation isn’t easy because the OpenStreetMap website doesn’t show well on small mobile screens, and the default settings aren’t tailored to OSM use.

Waymarked Trails now in 7 more languages, and more to come

Looks like you found out. And that you also found out that you can’t put several route types on the same relation?

Do you think Waymarked Trails (WMT) should handle that? If so it also have to handle tags like hiking:description=* and so on, and I don’t think that is in common use. Is it often that many types share the exact same route?

Cite on the OpenstreetMap wiki

I've updated the post. After some research it looks like the SpecialCite.php extension is needed in addition.

Cite on the OpenstreetMap wiki

Hm, ok, the extension description (on Wikipedia at least, didn't check if you have very differing version) mentions link to toolbox, but the page about the extension doesn't mention the toolbox link....

Average tracks: drawing a "line of best fit" automatically

Yes, I don't know if there is a theoretical limit, but the script isn't very fast so I guess there is some practical limit if it has to process thousands and thousands of points. There's a demonstration directory that has six tracks, which works fine.


Yeah! to license us their POI data for macedonia

Nice! Too bad you didn't get more comments! Keep up the good work, but I think you need to document the agreement you have with travel2macedonia.

Video + GPS data + Google Earth image

This is pretty awesome! I'd say this technology has business potential. See the interactive maps at:

There they have similar functionality to yours, only its not built into the video. The technology behind it was partly developed by people where I work and supported by a collegue of mine.