Mapper since: July 05, 2009

I like to use OpenStreetMap because an open map to use and edit by anyone just is a great idea! My preferred mapping method is the gps supported biking survey, but the majority of the data I upload is generated with the help of sources like basemap (Austria) and friends (so called couch mapping).

If you find some of my edits wrong or know the situation (on the ground / or technically) better, just change the data in your favor: OSM is a community project!

Map a house, tag a tree and force your kids to use OSM!

OSM related pages and documents I often use

Pages using OSM data I like



Things I don’t understand

  • Access restrictions and how mapnik renders them

Things I find controversial

  • Should pavements be mapped as extra ways in parallel with roads?
  • Should highways be mapped using 2D areas or 1D ways?

Things I’m afraid of

  • Robots, feeding on my data

Things I hate

  • Robots doing edits on different locations all over the world within a single changeset having the (no comment)-comment

Some tools

My preferred mapping tools are a bike, the Garmin Edge 1030 (great!) and the josm software. I like to use Vespucci on my Android smartphone.