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closed 2110679 ipolito

Unable to answer "What is the name of this road?" for via StreetComplete 17.3:

just a couple houses along here, kind of a shared driveway

closed 4098938 Yzzyx


via StreetComplete 56.0

closed 4001114 Yzzyx

South 550 West should be divided here with two different roads types

via StreetComplete 55.0

closed 2657945 mach314

45 or 40 mph E?

closed 3074255 Gnugie

Barn is no longer present. It was intended to be relocated to Fremont County, Colorado.

closed 2635150 mach314

stop sign

closed 105844

This neighborhood and many more should have been annexed by the city more than a year ago. City boundaries may be out of date.

open 2973592 mach314

survey Sycamore Road or Street?

closed 2914595 mach314

is this road demolished or plan to be a bridge?

closed 2468565 mach314

survey bridge?

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