Mapper since:
March 20, 2015

20+ years of travelling in the Newfoundland backcountry, both for business and pleasure. Mapping is mainly based on Bing imagery, personal GPS tracks, and knowledge of the areas.

Currently working on mapping the thousands of kilometres of forestry roads and trails on the island portion of the province of Newfoundland, using the following tagging scheme:

  1. Track: Tractor/ATV/Horseback/mountain bike/hiking would be able to use these roads.

  2. Minor Road (unclassified): rural roads that are not provincial or national highways network. Indicating the surface=* when it is known, usually unpaved or gravel.

  3. Tertiary: same as minor road but joins different zones, either cabin areas or allowing access from one major paved road to another. Usually unpaved. To be used sparingly as most of the woods roads are not directly maintained by the province.

  4. Service road = driveway, for short-distance access to cabins.

NOTE: I am not in the practice of classifying all off-pavement roads as highway=track. Different roads have different levels of importance, even in a rural setting. Some roads join different areas and can stretch unbroken for hundreds of kilometres in unpopulated areas, while others are local dead-ends, while others truely are tracks.