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closed 453762 Glassman

Now that there is a new hwy 95, is there a new name for the existing way?

closed 1449693

There is a pedestrian path through, letting pedestrians, bicyclists, and I suspect also horses continue on NE 40th St.

closed 121275 Glassman

Need local survey to add unit numbers to Bella B Mobile Home Park

closed 121016 Glassman

Need local survey to add unit numbers to Halcyon Mobile Home Park

closed 4232909 Matt Bianconi

This location is wrong. It is north of the Andis Rd intersection

via StreetComplete_ee 57.3

open 4230126 Mateusz Konieczny

name=Mystical Wares

shop=metaphysical_shop ? What is the meaning of that shop value? What kind of services or products are sold here? Is anything from or fitting? Maybe new value needs to be invented? Maybe this data is wrong and there is no shop here? Maybe it is not a shop but something else?

closed 1830239 FiveStarTreeService

5 Star Tree Service

closed 4146334 Mateusz Konieczny

name=Lincoln Street Center and Storage

amenity=self_storage ? Is it simply a shop=storage_rental? See Or is it selling boxes/packaging?

If it is certainly shop=storage_rental - would it be safe to mass-retag it without inspecting individual cases for all objects tagged this way?

closed 453354 Glassman

Looks like new construction. Scout tracks indicate road shifted. Need some new gps traces to verify new route.

closed 117260 Glassman

Is there a unit number for the summit public house and toscana pizzeria?

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