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closed 203880

bounds: (33.0037,-111.3729 - 32.9875,-111.3313)
Map is missing data here. Very outdated map. My street is not even shown.

7 months ago 3 days ago
closed 159368


10 months ago 4 days ago
closed 117261 Glassman

need unit numbers for Cha Cha and Big Mario's

about 1 year ago 4 days ago
closed 322114


6 days ago 6 days ago
closed 321617 scout_osm

A user of the OSM-based Scout app reported the following possible map error: "nearest hotel "

More information is available at:

Comments on this note are unlikely to be seen by the actual reporter of the error, but will be reviewed by the Scout team.

For more information about Scout, visit

7 days ago 7 days ago
closed 320207 submitted note from a business:
name: Beaches Tanning Salon
phone: 360-424-8267
hours: mondays-fridays 08:00-20:00 saturday 09:00-19:00 sunday 10:00-16:00
category: Tanning Salons
address: 2025 riverside drive, mount vernon, wa

10 days ago 10 days ago
closed 58636 compdude

does 6th really connect elmgrove and kenyon? (This bug was originally reported in OpenStreetBugs. Local knowledge or survey needed to fix it.)

over 1 year ago 10 days ago
closed 317609 Sharp Roofing

This address is 10723; address for Sharp Roofing

13 days ago 13 days ago
closed 313429 Glassman_Import

Does the stream cross the sidewalk/path? Or is it in a culver?

22 days ago 13 days ago
open 315629

Body Lab Northwest

18 days ago 13 days ago

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