Mapper since:
October 07, 2011

I’m a german, retired software developer born 1966, a passionate cyclist (6000 - 9000 km/year) and I help with the maintenance of mkgmap (see ) since 2011.

My home area is mapped quite well (thanks to others), so I first concentrated on QA,. I was esp. interested in reducing the number of typos in tags which affect routing. In 2015 I was (armchair) mapping in Japan, as this area is full of imported data with low quality. Since 2018 I also help with the development of JOSM. Since 2021 I am mapping my area to unglue landuse areas from roads and redraw too large buildings.

Ich spreche/schreibe auch Deutsch, Texte in anderen Sprachen versuche ich mittels Web basierter Übersetzer zu verstehen.