General Dreedle

Mapper since: September 18, 2009

“Who the hell says I can’t?” he thundered pugnaciously in a voice loud enough to rattle the whole building. “Why the hell can’t I? You mean I can’t shoot anyone I want to? Is that a fact?”

General Dreedle automatically reverts all edits by liam123, kane123, sanganabongina, islandmonkey, and RR8. These users are agreed, by common consensus, to be vandals and have not modified their behaviour despite repeated appeals to desist. General Dreedle generally runs within 10 minutes of a changeset closing, and uses a slightly modified version of Frederik Ramm’s revert scripts.

General Dreedle has the capacity to revert any user agreed to be a vandal but is currently only watching those users listed above.

For further information, please contact Richard.