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Mapper since:
January 10, 2016
Last map edit:
June 23, 2024

Mapper from Switzerland. Please let me know it you have any feedback on my mapping activity.


  • maintenance edits in Switzerland
  • energy infrastructure in Switzerland

Current armchair mapping projects:

  • Land use mapping in Bali
  • improving the map around Alba and Asti (Piemonte)
  • adding buildings in Philadelphia using mapwithai/esri data

A few notes on the Philly project:

  • Generally, the mapwithai/esri building data set provided by the City of Philadelphia seems to be of high quality. However, larger residential buildings and commercial buildings often have dubious address tags. When in doubt, I remove these tags from the imported footprints and leave it to someone with local knowledge to add them later.
  • Existing buildings may be replaced with imported footprints if they are only roughly mapped (e.g. multiple townhouses mapped as one building = terrace) and do not contain valuable additional tags
  • What I usually don’t do: micro-adjust the building footprints. Many of the imported building footprints appear to account for bay windows and other elements that should be excluded from the building outline according to OSM best practice. However, this tedious work would add little value from my point of view and slow the progress on the project massively. It may still be done at a later stage.