Mapper since:
June 08, 2009

I teach and I love do it. I believe that pupils must always surpass teachers. Otherwise, there is no growth.

Who am I?

Hi to all, I’m Giacomo Alessandroni (Italy).

I’m an OpenStreetMap mapper since June 2009 and a Wikipedia volunteer since July 2004. Currently, I’m more active in the Italian Wikiversity (where I’m administrator since February 2021).

I’m contributor in the Vikida project, the minor sister of Wikipedia, for kids from 8 ‘till 13. I’m in Vikidia board since October 2020, administrator since June 2021, and vice-president since November 2021.

My work

I am an electrical engineer with a Ph.D. in Earth Science, Complexity Sciences; my field of research is Digital Signal Processing. Read my latest papers.

I’m an IT and Robotics teacher at Lyceum “Guglielmo Marconi” in Pesaro.


My volunteer account is “Galessandroni”, as in all Wikimedia projects and in Vikidia.