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Fake University has Fake OSM maps? 3 days ago

Nice find! We need all the laughs we can get. ;)

OSM Editors in Siquijor? 5 days ago

Hi there, @NRgizR.

I know one mapper who's active in that area:

If you're keen to know the latest happenings, or interact with local contributors, check out these community channels:

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch.

Community Mapping Using Open-source Tools in Barangays 21-C, 22-C, and 23-C in Davao City 14 days ago

Congratulations on your first OSM diary entry, Ate Kim! :wink:

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Like you, I definitely think this is one of the more interesting workshops I've done recently, and definitely the youngest group, and with the highest female participation in all the sessions. <3!

Working with high school students are very challenging in a different way, and the training approach we did is definitely not the one we usually use for our regular workshop programs.

I'm glad you found the time to join us Jen, and I look forward to working with you again.

Oppa Erwin. :grinning:

adjusting the map to the satellite background 15 days ago

There's an imagery offset database: , which you can use to record the offsets you make to the imagery.

This is helpful when working with other mappers in the area, and you need to agree on common offsets, to make it easier for everyone to collaborate.

We've also found Strava's street-level global heatmaps to be useful for aligning aerial imagery, and they are a more consistent reference against any aerial imagery that may change from time to time.

Missing Roads from ImproveOSM now also on MapRoulette about 2 months ago

Thanks Martijn!

Missing Roads from ImproveOSM now also on MapRoulette about 2 months ago

That's great, Martijn. We'd love to see a Missing Roads task for the Philippines. Could you set up one for us?

Personally, I do it via the improveOSM plugin, but that's limited to people who use JOSM and the plugin. This could be a great addition to the exercises we do during outreach events.

Norwegian airlanes are Openstreetmap user about 2 months ago


Norwegian airlanes are Openstreetmap user about 2 months ago

A photo would've been nice :wink:

Updates on Dasmariñas City's map 3 months ago

Good job @DearPaulPH. One of things we're concerned about the plethora of imagery available is the varied offsets between imagery.

I would like to suggest that you look into this, too, so a wider community can practice to be more consistent when digitizing roads and buildings properly:

Thank you, too for adding accessibility features into the map.


New MapRoulette beta 3 months ago

Awesome! We're going to try a few challenges soon. Thanks for making this better.

MapaBabae - an OSM workshop for women, with women 3 months ago

No worries. Thank you for contributing to the map @ HaonHiAki.

Bing imagery 3 months ago

@Warin61, that's about DigitalGlobe is also true for us in the Philippines - but with big caveat, their imagery alignment quality is definitely below that of Bing, so we have a lot of newer mis-aligned digitized features.

We'll know more about how it goes for the new Bing imagery as soon as I check them out.

I am an Indigenous She mapper 3 months ago

Thank you for sharing, HaonHiAki.

It would have been nice to have you in yesterday's MapaBabae event:

Keep on mapping!

Open Data Day 2018 3 months ago

Gellie! We're happy to have new faces join us. Thank you joining us, and helping out in the workshops. I'm looking forward to seeing you again in our future mapping events.

Thanks for sharing these photos.

[Brisbane, AU] Missing Maps Volunteer Mapping Party 4 months ago

Cool event! Good luck.

I'm curious about the part about OpenStreetMap training, and what topics are covered. We hold our own outreach programs, but barely cover the basics in a 2-hour training session.

Priorities 4 months ago

People will always have preferences, so find something you actually enjoy doing. That way, it allows you to go on mapping, simply because you enjoy doing it.

I, for example, enjoy mapping waterways, and it gets me into a trance-like mode akin to some forms of meditation (which i also do.)

If you have questions, the best way to find answers are the forums, the mailing lists, or one of the many local community channels in your preferred language.

Good luck!

AI With Satellite Images for OpenStreetMap 4 months ago

I'm excited to hear more about this, and how it can help improve AI for tracing imagery!

Eventually, I see AI being just as capable as human mappers with mapping certain features.

OSMCha News - February/2018 4 months ago

Very useful updates! Thank you.

No, there's still more! 5 months ago

Persistence is a virtue. Theirs, and yours. ;)

Responding to the collaborative mapping in Peru 5 months ago

That's awesome @karitotp.

Thank you, too, for your team's awesome help in our mapping effort around Mayon Volcano, in the Philippines.