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closed 2520311 pardthemonster

Is this really Lankford Lane or is it a driveway?

closed 2640061 Vika_Nosovich

Please, check this one way. If possible, make edit. Thanks!

closed 2644351

This neighborhood is incorrectly labeled military land

closed 667694 LPGelyse

This building is an apartment building called The Tracks at Shockoe Crossing. Please see for more information.

closed 667712 LPGelyse

When you search 202 N. 20th Street on OpenStreetMap, this building does not show up - it takes you to some completely incorrect place.

This is the correct site of Terrace 202 and the address is 202 N. 20th St., Richmond VA 23223

closed 667689 LPGelyse

This is the actual site of Bobber Flats (it is mislabeled on the map)

closed 667682 LPGelyse

The building that is currently labeled as Bobber Flats is actually Engine Company Lofts. (Please see for additional information)

closed 667692 LPGelyse

This is actually the site of Firehouse Lofts it is mislabeled on the map. Please see for more information.

closed 455180 prasadvaze

This is a new sub divisional residential area that came into existence since 2012 but it is not updated on the MAP

closed 728221

Hanover Fire & EMS Station 7 is located here

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