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Unable to answer "What kind of parking is this?" for via StreetComplete 54.0:

No parking, firefighters

closed 3917192 Frosch42

Unable to answer "Do these steps have a handrail?" for via StreetComplete 54.0:

No stairs

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Unable to answer "What is the structure of this bridge?" for via StreetComplete 33.2:

keine Brücke

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closed 3430116 Caluera

Hier ist ein Briefkasten, den mir OsmAnd nicht anzeigt

via StreetComplete 47.1

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closed 3427618 Frosch42

Unable to answer "How many steps are here?" for via StreetComplete 48.0:

Keine Treppe, sondern Weg

closed 2681426 wkdgs

Hier sind Fahrradständer

via StreetComplete 31.3

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closed 3148618 René Mouton

Ladestation Fahrrad und Roller

via StreetComplete 42.0

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closed 3400022 Frosch42

Weg, Bach

via StreetComplete 47.1

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closed 3044575 Toerisme Vlaanderen - Pin je punt

Hier staat waarschijnlijk een zitbank.

Indien je hier passeert, voeg je deze dan toe?

Source: Toerisme Limburg
More information at

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