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[Solved] Mysterious building mapping in Guinean forest

Hello, Better to just remove them than blaming someone and raise a ticket DWG on ones mappings.

About myself: I am an experienced volunteer validator working for HOTOSM and active on Disaster mappings (validating) like earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes and other disasters. Active for MSF, UN and HOT, all over the world.

I do not know how long you are active on OSM, but in that period (4-5 year ago I guess) we found many weird mappings all over the world, even at sea. That was caused by a bug on JOSM which caused these weird mappings. Those had no relations with the referred changesets. The mappers were just mapping as usual. We (validators at HOTOSM) tried to locate them and removed them. Apparently these were not found.

So it is premature to create a ticket for a changeset that a mapper has done nothing wrong with.

Best regards, Frans Schutz

Onboarding New Mappers

Hi Martin. Much has been said in your story and the comments. It stems to my mind from the implementation and who can and will guide this. Can this become an automated session where a mapper has to map some (fictional) objects and as a response there is a comparison with well done mappings. Something like a response to inline validation , check on squared mapping and the validation tool.

Onboarding New Mappers

Updated the document. how to use OSMcha HOw to review mappers work.

Onboarding New Mappers

Hello Martien.

Good and clear story and ideas. You have posted this in your diary. Who all are reading this? You gave me a link in Slack, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it. Isn’t Slack a better sounding board for this kind of ideas? (possibly parallel with the OSM diary? Greetings Frans